Aqua-Bois is an economic choice compared to in-ground pools and a sound investment to conventional above-ground pools.

Boreal     boreale_logo_image

Here’s a wood pool issued from a technology which has travelled through time and which parts have been treated under a synthetic pressure wood system.

Among the products offered by AQUA-BOIS, the Boreale product line cannot be ignored in terms of style and quality. Especially attractive in the semi in ground model, the Boreale product line is both rugged and elegant.

The wood:

The structural panels of the Boreale product line are made of red pine, a solid wood that easily absorbs and holds synthetic preservations. All wood panels and components are treated after cutting and moulding for a uniform application. This copper – based pressurized treatment, approved by health Canada, ensured that the pool be thoroughly protected from termites and fungal decomposition.



Semi inground installation :

  • Previous visit to the site: localisation of the pool and machinery passage
  • Excavation and evacuation of the dirt
  • Digging of 4” to 6” for the round models
  • Digging of a 4’ to 5’6” slope for the oval models
  • Installation on concrete blocks
  • Perforated drain
  • Bottom drain in concrete
  • Sand bottom
  • Filling around the pool with sand
  • Installation of the filtration system
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