JMD Pools: Top Quality Installation for Inground Pools in Ottawa

Bored of Ottawa’s outdoor pools? Looking for something a little closer to home? Why not relax in the comfort of your own backyard with an inground pool installation of your very own. Get away from the crowds in one of our luxurious inground pool designs.

Trusted Inground Pool Installation

At JMD pools, we believe that quality comes first. We built it right into our philosophy. Everything we do receives the sharpest attention to detail, from our Ottawa inground pools, to our pool supplies selection and our pool liners.

We are an owner-operated company. That means we care a lot about our product, and our product is a beautiful backyard space for you and your family. We want to set ourselves apart from other Ottawa inground pools installers by offering a product that is, frankly, just plain better.

Full Service Ottawa Outdoor Pool Installation

For many Ottawa outdoor pool projects, you’ll be forced to talk to a number of different companies to get your pool built. Not with us. We take your pool from dream, to design, to completion. That way, we aren’t handing off the inground pool installation to a company that doesn’t quite get it like we do.

With so many Ottawa inground pool designs to choose from, and custom designs possible, you’re sure to find something that will fit your style and budget.

So when you’re planning your next inground pool installation, trust JMD to do it the right way. We’re owner-managed, we work with you from start to finish, and we deeply care about our product. That’s why with JMD you get a better pool. Our design and know-how makes us the better choice. Contact us today to get started on your new Ottawa inground pool project.

Inground Pool Liners

The main problem with a standard pool liner is that anyone can see the seams. They look unsightly, and they are also places at which the liner can crack. If you’ve ever stubbed your toe in a pool, you know why seams can be an annoyance.

Our inground pool installations come with Ultra-Seam pool liners. These pool liners are strong and feature invisible seams.

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Ottawa Inground Pools Gallery

We put a lot of work into the look of our pool. Our inground pool installations are designed to blend in perfectly with your location, whatever theme you’re looking for. And because we are there from the start to the finish of the process, you know that what you’re getting is what we planned on right from the start.

If you’re in the market for an inground pool, you’re also in the market for beauty.

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Special Feaures

Looking for a little extra something for your Ottawa inground pool? We have just the thing. With a selection of waterfalls and diving rocks, our special features will bring a new aesthetic vibe to your backyard outdoor pool. Available in natural stone or carved stone looks, these items are sure to be the talk of your next pool party.

We consult with you to make sure that each piece will work with your current pool design and look.

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