Keep your Ottawa inground pool in good working order with our extensive list of services. We’re a full service shop with expert technicians.

Ottawa Inground Pool Maintenance

JMD Pools is proud to be a one-stop shop for all your pool needs, and that means being there for your pool throughout its lifetime. Pools are not the kind of product that you install once and forget about. They require regular pool maintenance, whether they are inground pools, above ground pools, or semi inground pools.

We provide a range of services to keep your Ottawa inground pool operating at peak performance. We also offer maintenance for above ground and semi inground pools. From pool closing and opening to repairs, our pool maintenance team will take care of absolutely everything your pool needs. Below you’ll find a just a sampling of what we offer.

Pool Opening

Spring is here and you’re ready to jump in your pool, but your pool isn’t quite ready for you yet. The equipment must be tested, the pool must be cleaned and untarped, and checks must be done to ensure that everything is operating safely and in good working order.

Pool Closing

In Ottawa, inground pools require a little bit of extra love before they’re closed for the winter season. Frost is a danger in our northern climate, and our team will help to prepare your pool for a harsh winter with proper pool maintenance and care.

Heater Installation

We offer a wide variety of heaters be it natural gas, propane or heat pumps. Please view our heater section for more information.

Salt Water System Installation

Making the switch to salt? Trust us to help you make the switch a smooth one with the help of our experienced technicians. We’ll also make sure that your pool is equipped to deal with the higher corrosion possibilities that salt brings.

Major and Minor Repairs

Whether you have minor or major repairs such as a plumbing leak, liner replacement, adding a new retrofit step, step replacement, new heater or salt system installation, JMD Pools can make it all happen.

Liner Replacements

Need a new liner? Maybe the old one doesn’t look right, maybe it’s damaged—whatever the reason, we can take care of it by installing a brand new liner.

Leak Track Detection and Liner Repair

Is your pool leaking? Sometimes the source of a leak can be hard to pinpoint, but our experienced team is used to it. Even for Ottawa inground pools, our team can find a leak and begin the repair for you quickly.

Pressure Line Tests

Proper pool maintenance requires that you ensure that all the pressure lines are operating correctly. This kind of test should most often be left to experts. We have the training and skills to ensure that your pool is a safe environment. If you find your pool is loosing water, it is recommended that you contact us immediately. JMD Pools have the technology and know how to repair your pool in a timely manner.

Above Ground Pools with Deep End Installation

Are you looking for the best of both worlds? We install above ground pools that require a small amount of digging for a deep end. An above ground pool that plays like an inground pool. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Sandfilter Change

Many inground pools in Ottawa rely on sandfilters to remain clean. But of course, when the sand filter becomes saturated, they must be changed. Let our team of experts deal with the trouble of changing your sand.

Landscape Design, Fencing and Interlock Services

Have an Ottawa inground pool that could use some decoration around it? We’re a pool installation company that understands the importance of design. We also offer fencing and interlock services to make sure your pool area is safe. Whether it’s converting your backyard in a pool oasis or simply refreshing your existing pool, we offer our turnkey solution with our in house employees.

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