Pool Pumps

Hayward pumps are engineered for dependability and performance. Recognized as the industry leader, our line of high performance and medium head pumps lead the way in energy efficiency. NSF® and UL® rated, our pumps are equipped with heavy-duty motors.

Variable Speed Pump

Hayward variable speed pumps are the most energy efficient pumps at any speed.  See Haywards full product line of pumps

High Performance Pump

Hayward high performance pumps offer increased flow and pressure often required for more demanding applications.   See Haywards full product line of pumps

Medium Head Pump

Hayward medium head pumps provide flow and pressure designed for 1.5 inch and 2 inch systems. See Haywards full product line of pumps

Booster Pump

For pressure cleaner applications, Hayward’s booster pump is the most aftermarket friendly and energy efficient booster pump in the industry.  Read more..

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