Radiant Pools – Semi inground

The aboveground pool with the inground attitude installs just about anywhere!RadiantPoolslogo

Today, residential lots offer many landscape challenges. With the superior wall construction of the Radiant Pool you have options. The incredible Metric Series Pool, with a 52″ wall height, can be installed aboveground, inground, and semi-inground on sloped terrain. The Radiant Metric Series Pool fits any backyard and any budget. No other aboveground pool offers you this type of versatility!


WHY Radiant?

Incredible Features & Benefits

The Radiant Pool offers homeowners the most incredible features and benefits that you won’t find in any other pool. Unique manufacturing technology, limitless installation options, ┬áincredible warranty protection and energy savings that, over time, allow this pool to pay for itself. No other pool on the market today can offer this complete value-added pool package. It is truly the smart backyard investment.

You are making a significant investment in your property. Demand real value for your money. Choosing the pool that is right for you is the only thing that matters.

Every Metric Pool Kit includes:

  • Insulated wall panels
  • Spline Connections
  • Anchor Plates
  • Standard White Coping
  • Choice of Vinyl Liner
  • Skimmer
  • Return Fitting


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Shapes & Sizes


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